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            join Vland
            join Vland start on a innovative journey

            In the Vland, "Human resources" is our core, the most valuable asset, we always adhere to the" people first "development strategy, the human resources and people management in the first place, and strive to create a good working environment for talents to create growth space, providing a platform to display their abilities.

            Creativity and talent are full played in Vland     why vland

            In the Vland,Innovation consciousness without any constraints, the introduction of an open mind to different industries, different backgrounds, talents at home and abroad to join. We are looking forward and looking, to work, to become passionate about our new partnership in which a cause.

            Welcome to Vland

            TEL: +86 532 88966607 8901

            E-mail: zhaopin@vlandgroup.com

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