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            Vland Ranks No.177 on the List of China’s Top 500 Patent Enterprises, Leading the Chinese Biotech Industry

            Time:2020-09-28    Clicks:731

            On July 23, 2019, co-organized by theChinese Scholars Marketing Association, Guangdong Enterprise Brand Constructionand Promotion Association, National Brand and Innovation (Guangzhou) Base aswell as Hengqin Intellectual Property Exchange, China International MarketingConference 2019 and China Creation Forum were held in Guangzhou, China.


            In this event, the list of China’s top 500patent enterprises was released for the first time after the evaluation of 9indicators through AI plus Big Data Analysis method. Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd., Beijing Zhiguruituo Technical Service Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen BTR NewEnergy Materials Co., Ltd. were among the top three on the list.


            China’s Top 500 Patent Enterprises


            Vland Biotech Group




            Leader in biotech field


            As of the first half of 2019, Vland BiotechGroup and its subsidiaries own 222 Chinese authorized invention patents, 4 USauthorized patents, 11 PCT international applications, and 34 new veterinarydrug registration certificates (including 3 national first-class veterinarydrugs).


            Vland,guided by market demand, stays committed to the strategy of technology-drivendevelopment. Adopting a R&D model with independent R&D as the core andcooperative R&D as a supplement, it continues to increase investments anddevelopment efforts in new products, thus providing continuous technologicalimpetus for the sustainable development. In the first half of 2019, Vland’sR&D investment increased 9.88% from the same period in 2018 to RMB 35.7025million, accounting for 9.05% of the operating income, which is relatively highin the industry. Among the investment, 13.88% went to the R&D of enzymes,an amount which is comparable to that invested by internationally renownedenzyme companies.