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            Vland Joins IPA

            Time:2020-09-28    Clicks:584

            The International Probiotics Association(IPA) is a global non-profit organization and the most authoritativeinternational organization for the probiotic industry in the world. Establishedbefore the Codex Alimentarius, IPA has a high status in the international foodand health nutrition industry. IPA members include many leaders in theprobiotic industry: authoritative scientists in academia, professionals in thehealth care industry, manufacturers in the probiotic industry and relatedregulators. The mission of IPA is to promote the safe and efficacious use ofprobiotics throughout the world. 

            IPA actively cooperates with governmentsand the industry to assist in the formulation of scientific standards forprobiotic dietary supplements, probiotic pharmaceutical products and probioticfunctional foods. It promotes the benefits of probiotics to the health ofhumans and animals to consumers by participating in trade exhibitions, healthtourism and other media activities. The Association promises to provide timelyand unbiased information to all relevant parties and to offer its memberslectures about the benefits of probiotics. 

            Vland passed the review of the associationin 2020 and formally become a member of IPA and Global Voice of Probiotics®. IPAmembers are diversified representatives of the international probioticindustry. Currently, IPA brings together more than 110 members from differentfields such as industry, medicine, academia, research and supervision from 29countries. Among these are world's Fortune 500 companies including DuPont,P&G, Raman, DSM, Chr. Hansen and GNC. 

            With commitment to the establishment of atechnological innovation system and respect to international rules andintellectual property rights, Vland has formed a complete core technologysystem with independent intellectual property rights and established extensiveinternational cooperation. The accession into IPA mean that Vland has graduallytransformed itself from a traditional manufacturing enterprise into aplatform-based one and from a probiotic seller into a health service provider. 

            Looking ahead, Vland will continue tocooperate with IPA to establish probiotics industry standards, promotepublicity and education related to probiotics, jointly build platformspecifications and redefine “probiotics” on a global scale. It will providelegal health solutions for the demand side of the probiotics industry, sharethe latest scientific research results, comply with the positioning ofprobiotics by the International Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and theWorld Health Organization (WHO), and strive to provide consumers worldwide withsafe and effective probiotic products.