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            Vland and JD Digits sign strategic cooperation agreement to jointly build digital agriculture and husbandry

            Time:2020-09-28    Clicks:632

            On May 11, 2020, Vland and JD digits signeda strategic cooperation agreement in Qingdao.


            In the face of the good developmentopportunities that China attaches great importance to agriculture, AI and bigdata technologies, Vland and JD digits have established a close cooperativepartnership based on the principle of “complementarity, mutual benefit, sincerecooperation and common development”. They make full use of the core resourcesand technical advantages of both parties to achieve business complementarityand integrated development. The two parties will conduct extensive cooperationin the fields of digital agriculture, intelligent breeding and planting,precision feeding, manure treatment, animal disease prevention and control, bigdata, and IoT for common development.


            Chen Gang, President of Vland, and LuoYang, General Manager of JD Agriculture and Husbandry Academic Research program,signed the agreement on behalf of both parties. The signing ceremony was alsoattended by Huang Bingliang, chairman of Vland, Li Jialong, vice generalmanager of JD Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Academic Research program, andheads of relevant departments of both parties.


            The cooperation mainly includes:

            *jointly establishing new standards forintelligent breeding and planting, jointly building industrial demonstrationbases as shining models and promoting the development of intelligent breedingand digital agriculture, so as to lead the industry, and enhance the level ofmechanization, automation and intellectualization of the agriculture and animalhusbandry industry;


            *jointly integrating resources, building acredibility system for planting, breeding, processing and sales based on theimplementation of intelligent breeding solutions, jointly promoting theestablishment of a traceability system to ensure food safety, achieving productbrand premiums for cooperative customers, thus injecting new digital momentuminto the development of the industry;


            *achieving waste-free feeding through thecombination of biometric algorithm and nutriology knowledge, developinghigh-quality feed and additives and realizing precise nutrition feeding so asto reduce costs and improve efficiency for the industry; committing to theR&D and application of breeding and planting site monitoring technology,environmental and water monitoring technology and related equipment, buildingan online automatic monitoring system, using precise biometric algorithms todetect diseases and management deficiencies in advance and at the same time providetimely warnings and propose solutions;


            * studying to improve the existingenvironmental sewage treatment system by enhancing the quality of manuretreatment and the level of fermentation through the combination of intelligentequipment and biotechnology, thus creating a new intelligent environmentaltreatment system;


            *working together to create industrialservice platforms for different lines, so that all links in the industrialchain can realize value, thus providing multi-dimensional data andtechnological support for government, industry and enterprises, targetingdifferent customers with a package of solutions and jointly building an “agriculturaland animal husbandry ecosphere”.


            JD Digits, a technology company born fordigital services, was formerly known as JD Finance which was founded within JDGroup until it was comprehensively upgraded and rebranded in November, 2018.


            With its cutting-edge technologies andexpertise in big data, AI, IoT and blockchain, JD digits has developed corecapabilities of digital risk management, user operation, industry understandingand B2B2C corporate service. Its operational purpose is to connect finance andreal industry by using digital technology, boosting the influence of theInternet, enhancing the digital and intelligent development of industries,fostering new growth and creating greater social value featuring fairness andinclusiveness by reducing costs, improving efficiency, increasing userexperience and upgrading industrial models.


            Up to now, JD digits has been involved inmany fields including smart city, fin-tech, asset management technology, digitalmarketing, digital village and intelligent robots, providing service forindividuals, enterprises, and governments.


            In the field of agriculture and husbandryplus digital technology, , JD Agriculture and Husbandry Academic Researchprogram, based on cutting-edge technologies like AI and IoT, providesintelligent solutions for various sub-sectors in agriculture, such asintelligent cattle-, aquatic-, pig- and poultry- breeding and intelligentplanting, helping the agriculture and animal husbandry improve the level ofdigitalization, internetization and intellectualization.


            JD Agriculture and Husbandry AcademicResearch program is trying to build an IoT platform for digital agriculture anda big data platform for breeding. It cooperates with JD.com, JD Logistics andother JD ecology to serve all links of the breeding industry chain and improvethe industry services.