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            Mr. Wang Qingxian, Secretary of Qingdao Municipal Party Committee, Investigates Vland’s Talent Cultivation Program

            Time:2020-09-28    Clicks:705

            On July 14, 2020, Mr. Wang Qingxian, memberof the Standing Committee of Shandong Provincial Party Committee and Secretaryof Qingdao Municipal Party Committee, went to enterprises to investigate theirtalent cultivation programs. He emphasized that it was necessary to thoroughlystudy and implement the important expositions of General Secretary Xi Jinpingon talent cultivation, adhere to the principle of human resources under theParty leadership, value knowledge, talents and creation, integrate four chainsof industrial chain, capital chain, talent chain and technology chain, and workhard to attract, cultivate, retain and employ talents, thus providing aneffective talent pool for Qingdao's high-quality development.


            Secretary Wang Qingxian came to SongliGroup, Eve Rubber Institute and Vland Biotech Group to visit the companies’exhibition halls and laboratories, and have cordial exchanges with corporateleaders and scientific researchers on enterprise production and operation,technological innovation, talent training and introduction, etc.


            At a symposium held by Vland, SecretaryWang Qingxian engaged in in-depth discussions on how Qingdao can accuratelyattract talents, effectively cultivate talents and scientifically use talentswith heads of enterprises including Vland Biotech Group, Qingdao Aucma Co.Ltd., Songli Group, Eve Rubber Institute and Goertek Microelectronics Co., Ltd.


            Vland’s President Chen Gang gave anintroduction to the company and a report on its practices in attracting,cultivating, retaining and using talents. He said that talents were ofsignificance to enterprises, so Vland attached great importance to thedevelopment of innovation team and innovation capacities, with a team of nearly300 people led by 8 chief scientists and 26 Ph.Ds. At present, the company has1343 employees, 65% of whom have a college degree or above. Multiple measuresare taken for global talent hunting, platform empowerment, activation ofindividuals, people-centered development and happiness empowerment. Forexample, Vland attracts talents, especially overseas high-caliber talents, bybuilding a multidisciplinary and complementary integrated innovation platform,deconstructs the original matrix management organization into a “platform plusmaker” self-organization to stimulate the creativity and entrepreneurialenthusiasm of talents, and creates a comfortable living environment fortalents, provides convenient conditions for employee medical treatment andchildren’s education, while providing a superior scientific researchenvironment, so that talents can settle down and work at ease.


            Secretary Wang Qingxian expressed hisgratitude to all entrepreneurs for their contributions to Qingdao's economicand social development. He said that General Secretary Xi Jinping assignedQingdao tasks to build Shanghai Cooperation Demonstration Zone, a new platformfor international cooperation on the “Belt and Road” and integrate itself intothe ecological protection and high-quality development of the Yellow RiverBasin. He also pointed out that it was necessary to foster a strong talent baseif we were to achieve the strategic goals set by General Secretary Xi Jinpingfor Qingdao, and only by integrating the four chains can talents be attracted.It is crucial to improve the talent introduction and use mechanism withenterprises as the core, combine talent introduction with innovation andentrepreneurship, make full use of the models of “platform plus maker”, jointtraining, entrepreneurship training, and use the power of capital to facilitatetalent gathering and create a good talent ecology. It is of importance tocombine the talents needs for industry development with the talents cultivationin universities and set up professional courses according to the needs ofenterprises, so as to cultivate high-quality skilled talents. Since talents arevaluable, departments at all levels need to think about how to attract, use,and cultivate talents from the ecological perspective of "four chains inone", formulate talent policies based on the needs of enterprises, and changethe model of  governments “serving” intoenterprise “ordering", so that policies will satisfy the needs ofenterprises.


            Secretary Wang Qingxian stressed that wemust adhere to the principles of top-level listening, coordination andadvancement, carefully implement talent policies, accelerate the constructionof talent apartments, advance the “one-stop” mechanism to deal with problems intaxation, school admission, medical care and housing encountered by enterprisesin the introduction of talents, break down institutional barriers, thuscreating a comfortable environment for entrepreneurs and talents. Departmentsat all levels must enhance the awareness of the importance of talents, seizethe opportunities of the accelerated restructuring of the global industrialchain and supply chain and the high-speed flow of talents around the world,plan ahead with forward-looking attitude, integrate the strengths of thegovernment, enterprises and society, so as to pool global talents and buildQingdao into a more inspiring and competitive talent highland.


            Mr. Li Wei, member of the StandingCommittee of Qingdao Municipal Party Committee and Director of the OrganizationDepartment, moderated the symposium. Mr. Zhu Peiji, deputy mayor of Qingdao,also attended the investigation.