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                Party organization

                Jinggong Technology established the Party branch in June 1972. In September 2006, it was upgraded to the Party branch. In June 2009, it was upgraded to the party committee. There are 7 party branches and 90 party members. As a technology-based enterprise, Jinggong Science and Technology's party committee work has always focused on the development of "party building + professionalism", featuring "technical party building", cultivating teams and discovering talents. Firmly establish the political core role of party organizations in corporate governance. In the party building to lead the development of enterprises, highlight the integration of party building into technological upgrading, conscientiously grasp the direction, manage the overall situation, and promote the "three specialties" and "double belts" as models. The company continues to develop.



                "Double belt" condenses development momentum

                Party members bring talents, party building technology

                The Jinggong Science and Technology Party Committee has held the "I am a party member to see me" post training and technical competition, which has been held for nine consecutive years. Over the years, Jinggong Science and Technology Party Committee has extended the scope of technical competitions, expanded the scope of employees' competitions, and arranged professional training for employees of each type of work, so that the skills were covered by all the skills, and the shortcomings were analyzed. . In the past 9 years, a total of 212 technical backbones were selected.

                Party building with group building, concentrating on vitality

                The company's party committee has carried out condolences to the old party members' activities, party and day activities, attending party classes, listening to party members' deeds report, revisiting the "Party of Oaths" and pursuing the red footprint. Going deep into the front line to send "Party Zhang", "Jinggong Internal Journal" and other learning materials, together with the United Front Work Contact Station to carry out the "Rookie Innovation Competition" in the new class personnel, to provide employees with an innovation stage.

                Learning field

                Learning Party Constitution

                Learning series speech

                Be a qualified Communist

                Party class

                Party group meeting

                Branch committee

                Party member style

                Excellent party member - Hu Jun

                Excellent party member - Xia Qiankun

                Excellent Party Member - Ding Hongwei

                Excellent party member - Li Fengqin

                Excellent party member - Han Bao Deng